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Student Placement Process

The process used to assign students is a comprehensive one. As a staff, we take the responsibility of class placement very seriously. Beginning in the spring, and continuing through the summer, many factors are considered in the process of placing every child. 

We are fortunate to have excellent teachers here at Endeavour and we are confident that no matter in which classroom your child is placed, they will encounter a caring and well-prepared teacher who is committed to student learning, to student success, to children – to your child. Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.

Classroom changes are not made within the first three (3) weeks of school. After that time, if a change is requested the parent and teacher should hold a conference to address concerns. If issues continue, parents may obtain a Student Placement Review Form from the office and submit it to the principal for referral to the Guidance Team.

This form is not currently accepting submissions.