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Students and Staff Participate in Children's March

Children's March photo

Last week, 2nd grade students learned about the historic Children's March which took place May 2-3, 1963 in Birmingham, AL. Over 5,000 students marched peacefully to focus attention on the segregation happening in their city.

The 2nd grade team - Holly Cleveland, Emma McKenny, Lisa Wells, and Emma Bentsen - wanted students to learn about the event but also give students an opportunity to experience sharing their own voice in a peaceful way. Students worked together to make signs sharing an opinion or cause that THEY believed in.

Students then marched through the school and recess with their signs. 3rd and 4th grade students were outside while they marched and many other teachers brought their students outside to cheer on the 2nd grade students during their march.

"It was so exciting to see our students experience the impact that they can have on our school community" said 2nd grade teacher Emma McKenny.

The purpose of the activity was to teach the importance of sharing opinions and standing up for what you believe in a peaceful way. 2nd grade teacher Holly Cleveland commented, "I was so proud to see my students passionate about sharing their voice and what is important to them."

Children's March photo


Children's March photo