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Seattle Majestics Help 'Kick Off' Read Across Endeavour Week

Seattle Majestics Help 'Kick Off' Read Across Endeavour Week

The Endeavour Elementary School Jaguars "kicked off" their Read Across Endeavour Week today with a little help from the professionals.

A group of Seattle Majestics Women's Tackle Football players, along with mascot Lena the Lion and CEO and Coach Cyndi Butz-Houghton visited the school to talk with students, play a little football at recess and answer countless questions about football.

The Majestics play with the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC), and are just starting a fresh season. In teacher Kim Ralph's class, they chatted with students about their favorite subjects, the sports members of the class play, and "tested their reflexes" with a game of Simon Says.

Then, Dean Tim Hemker asked the players to share the path that led them to the Majestics. Defensive Tackle Jeanne Benjamin said that she always liked playing sports growing up and would often tell people that she wanted to be an NFL player someday. "They would tell me, 'You can't. You're a girl.'" Benjamin said. 

She played soccer, served in the Marine Corps and later played a few years on a men's team before finding out about the WNFC. "If you have a dream, go get it!" she said. 

Endeavour's other special reading activities this week include Author/Illustrator Day on Tuesday, All-School Read-in and PJ Day on Wednesday, "Drop Everything and READ!" on Thursday, and "Dress as your favorite book character" Day on Friday. Funes thanked teacher-librarian Leah Skosky, who helped organize the reading activities for the week. 

In the photo above, Majestics mascot Lena the Lion gives out high-fives in the lunchroom.

Below, in the group photo, top row from left, Offensive Line/Center Nena Müller and, at right, Dean Tim Hemker; front row, from left, Defensive Tackle Jeanne Benjamin, Offensive Line/Quarterback Mike Fortson, Lena the Lion, CEO and Coach Cyndi Butz-Houghton, Principal Megan Funes.

At bottom of page, Defensive Tackle Jeanne Benjamin signs autographs at recess.


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