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October Jaguars of the Month!

October Students of the Month smiling

Congratulations to the October 2023 Jaguars of the Month!

These students demonstrated what it means to have a Growth Mindset.  Each classroom chose one student who demonstrated persistence when something did not go right the first time. Throughout the month, these Endeavour Jaguars reflected on challenges they faced and how they could grow from those challenges. When things got tricky, these students found a way!  

Way to go Jaguars!

Here are the October 2023 Jaguars of the Month:

Kindergarten:  Bentsen – Levi L.; Silva – Gracie A.; Aizaga – Emma H.

1st grade:  Wilson - Landry B.; Herda – Isaias P.; Parker - Maya Z.; McKenny - Lexi M. 

2nd grade:  Whalen – Issy A.; Cleveland – Ella V.; Espino – Devanshi A.; Wells – Vedansh B.

3rd grade:  Pehl – Maya A.; Mulvany – Aanya J.; Cromwell – Mason M.; Sakala – Marielle G.; Wollgast – Allyson O.

4th grade:  Shupe – Anning S.; Lovercamp – Ishai C.; Zotov – Darcey B.; Ngo – Shreshta M.

5th grade:  Jensen – Leo M..; Nakamura – Tom K.; Kirschenman – Lucy S.; Van Houten – Nash B.


October Students of the Month smiling


October Students of the Month making silly faces
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