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May Jaguars of the Month: Empathy Champions!

Students smiling on steps of stage

Congratulations to our May 2024 Jaguars of the Month! The May Habit was Be Empathetic. These students demonstrated empathy by paying attention to others' feelings, seeking to understand others, and by being a good friend to everyone around them.

Kindergarten: Bentsen - Alexa P., Silva - Humza N., Aizaga - Aadhya Hedge

1st Grade: Wilson - Logan S., Herda - Chhandasi B., Parker - Sofia M., McKenny - Naomi R.

2nd Grade: Whalen - Greyson V., Cleveland - Zoey P., Espino - Carlisle V., Wells - Ethan V.

3rd Grade: Pehl - Grayson B., Mulvany - Alisa P, Cromwell - Samuel J., Sakala - Aryx R., Wollgast - Liana M.

4th Grade: Hyorin L., Lovercamp - Sloane N. and Nuwaira M., Zotov - Nolan W., Ngo - Brandon S.

5th Grade: Jensen - Karan H., Nakamura - Lily Z., Kirschenman - Noah M., Van Houten - Yvaine W.


Students smiling on steps of stage


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