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Fourth Grade Field Trip!

Fourth graders sitting on a pile of hay

Fourth grade students enjoyed a fun and educational field trip on a sunny fall day at Swans Trail Farms earlier this month!

Located in Snohomish, students, teachers and parent volunteers rode the bus to the farm to enjoy the fall festivities. One of the neatest things about Swans Trail Farms is their corn maze! It is 12 acres of Washington state history with more than 250 state "roads" to follow and 400 towns and landmarks - each labeled with Washington historical facts. Students had a blast following their state map and working together to find their way to all the landmarks and out of the maze. Students also learned a bit more about Washington in correlation to their Social studies unit.

What a great trip!

Fourth graders sitting on a pile of hay


Corn field and sun


Wooden model of the capital building in a corn field
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