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Congratulations to the February 2024 Jaguars of the Month!

February 2024 Jaguars of the Month stand and smile

These students demonstrated what it means to Be Yourself!  Each classroom chose one student who demonstrated what it means to Be Yourself through being authentic, expressing themselves, and making decisions that align with what is most important to them!

Kindergarten: Bentsen - Madi O., Silva - Roberta G., Aizaga - Vinya V.

1st Grade: Wilson - Zoe L., Herda - Yara K., Parker - Leo G., McKenny - Aryaa R.

2nd Grade: Whalen - Amir G., Cleveland - Thomas M., Espino - Jack D., Wells - William R.

3rd Grade: Pehl - Amara F., Mulvany - Jason Z., Cromwell - Audrey H., Sakala - Miles B., Wollgast - Dylan G.

4th Grade: Shupe - Saharsh I., Lovercamp - Darius G., Zotov - Peter M., Ngo - Graeme S.

5th Grade: Jensen - Pedro S., Nakamura - Molly K., Kirschenman - Charlotte Y., Van Houten - Robert C.

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