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Principal's Greeting

Welcome Back Endeavour Jaguars –

As we look to start the 2022-2023 school year, I hope you all took time over the past couple of months to rest, relax, and recharge! We are all getting excited to welcome back our new Jaguars that will be joining us for the first time this year, and see the familiar faces of our students who have been with us the past years. 

As we kick off the school year we are taking the opportunity continue to focus on high quality teaching and learning, creating a safe and inclusive place for staff and students to be each day; responding to the needs of ALL of our students and school community. When our 1st through 5th grade students enter their classrooms on August 30th and our kindergartners join us on September 2nd, they will enter classrooms that reflect the best of who we are – a school that is inclusive to ALL students so they are empowered to be kind, life-long learners!

As with any year, we have changes and movement within our staff. I wanted to share with you our most up to date list of the staff that will be working with our students this year.

  • Kindergarten: Lynn Bacon, Rebecca Espino, & Emily Johnson
  • 1st grade: Lizzy Herda, Sophie McKenny, Shawn Parker, & Kimberly Whalen
  • 2nd grade: Holly Cleveland, Emma McKenny, & Lisa Wells
  • 3rd grade: Amy Cromwell, Jennifer Lasik-Thompson, Chelsea Wollgast, & Khrisla Mulvany (MERLIN)
  • 4th grade: Diana Brown, Jenae Lovercamp-Hulsey, Anh Thu Ngo, & Misti Shupe (MERLIN)
  • 5th grade: Kathy Jensen, Amy Kirschenman, Dorry Nakamura, & Angelique Coulouris (MERLIN)
  • Specialists: Kathryn Dean (Music), Lydia Copenhaver (Music) Erin Marsh (PE), Salena Skogstad (PE), & Leah Skosky (Library)
  • Support Staff: Katie Sabol (Dean), Mikayla Rolf (Counselor), Aubree Clark (Intervention Specialist), Shandell Baker (LRCI), Katlyn Wilson (LRCI), Brooke Ilgenfritz (ELL), Tim Sedor (ELL), Jennifer Smith (SAGE), Mark Geers (School Psych), Elise Morrison (SLP), Kristin Kelkhoff (PT), Jeannine Anstiss (OT), Judy Lunde (Nurse)
  • Office Staff: Deborah Donohoe & Janine Kotan
  • Paraeducators: Ivy Rasquinha (HRS), Kim Bair, Amanda White, Jen Rose, Mekala ILanchelian, Caroline Burton-Moore, Hannah Snyder, Andrea Reeder, & Michele Brady

This year is a Rainbow of Possibilities! We cannot wait to see what is instore for our Endeavour Community.

Your PROUD (and excited) Principal,

Megan Funes



Endeavour Jaguars strive to create an inclusive learning community so all students are inspired and empowered to be kind, life-long learners.  

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I acknowledge that I am on the Indigenous Land of Coast Salish people who have reserved treaty rights to this land, specifically the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe (sdukʷalbixʷ). I thank these caretakers of this land who have lived and continue to live here since time immemorial.


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